She'd love his three children as her own, proudly adding their photos to her wall of grandchildren. They would see and feel what I saw and feel: Once someone loves you, at any moment in time, with everything they have, there is no better reason to love a void. The void means you loved well.
If I were in a car, I'd miss the sound of hummingbirds. When I thought I heard a swarm of hornets hovering, Alan held out
After A Massive Tragedy, The World Unites Despite tragedy, the support individuals gave and continue to give in the aftermath
If You Never Ask For A Doggy Bag Start. And take a note from Italy, where a bill that encourages vendors to donate unsold
If You’re Sad That You No Longer Fit In Your Parent’s Lap Know that you’re never too big for a quality cuddle session. Take
I met Ross my freshman year in college. Eleven years my senior, he was my philosophy adjunct professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. He was cute, Jewish, and intensely attentive. Just my type.
His poetry saved my life. first saw slam-o's mysterious poetic aphorisms in downtown Philadelphia four years ago.
If You’ve Made A Huge Mistake Know that forgiveness is real. At least, it is for a young boy who visited the Christchurch
In the end, good news porn can be like sexual porn in that there is no real commitment, engagement or sacrifice involved. Good news is presented for our enjoyment, and when we are done, we can move on without any thought for those whose lives we just consumed.
Google is on a mission to show you the top world events of 2013. Why? Because a lot of good happened this year. It's not
We are in the midst of the season of light. Regardless of our faith, we are dazzled by the display. What is the take away from the glow? When January arrives and the the lights dim and disappear, what will we remember?
"There aren't many businesses in any of our communities that can actually say that they've been in existence for 200 years
In 1996, Mattaliano began working as a nanny for George Denny, a California businessman and owner of a rice farm in Shasta
On September 28, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zones Act (AB 551) which authorizes
A mystery do-gooder mowed the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial this morning for free. When Brandon Morse tweeted a photo of the
Berns says the scans reveal that the structure and function of the caudate nucleus is similar in dog and human brains. In
"You just want to ramble on you feel so grateful," Henneberry added. "After such a bad thing happened to us and the people
Our goal is to create the world's first planter-based botanical garden as a way to make this concrete jungle we call home a more beautiful and livable place for everyone. Anyone else out there ready to join our army?