good samaritans

"It takes a special kind of person [to] go into a burning house to save animals," said the California homeowner, who wasn’t home at the time.
“I was just thinking to myself, ‘Only in New York,’” Grant Jefferson said of the surreal experience that led to a viral photo.
The woman was crossing the street at the crosswalk when an SUV struck her.
The tough-guy "Machete" actor said he and another good samaritan sprang into action after witnessing the crash.
The group found themselves in trouble when one of about 100 donated propane tanks they were using to keep warm exploded.
Jeff Allen rewarded Dave Cochran for his random act of kindness with tickets to next Sunday's AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots.
“You don’t have time to think about it... I did what God needed me to do,” Vickie Williams-Tillman said.
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