good wife

Avid viewers of courtroom procedurals are familiar with the tropes of the genre: Nearly every case goes to trial, suspects
Nelson Van Alden, Chalky White, Mickey Doyle, Valentin Narcisse -- "Boardwalk Empire" Charlie Skinner -- "The Newsroom" Bertram
My guess is that this will lead to Diane and Alicia working at the same firm or the firms merging once again. Just a guess
As far as how Will's death will affect Alicia, Margulies believes it "makes the character of Alicia have to move in a different
Spoiler alert! If you haven’t yet watched the March 23 episode of CBS’ "The Good Wife" (or had it spoiled for you on social
We're excited to see whatever comes next for Charles, but till then we're still stuck mourning for Will. Charles had been
Michael J. Fox's sitcom just got the ax, but he won't have much time to mourn. TV Line reports that Fox will return to "The
The episode entitled "We, the Juries" will feature the songs: "High Hopes," "Hunter of Invisible Game" and "The Ghost of