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President Muhammadu Buhari and his ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) party have no plans on how to rescue Nigeria from
According to the Global Terrorism Index the world's deadliest terror group is not ISIS. That dubious crown instead belongs to Nigeria' Boko Haram.
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If they knew him at all, the world knew Oronto Douglas as the former attorney for the writer, playwright and Ogoni human rights activist Ken Saro Wiwa.
Regardless of your opinion of Mr. Jonathan, and in spite of the handful of bad actors who filled some important positions, he's also had some truly stellar people filling extremely important roles -- people who it will be difficult to see go. The most glaring example is Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
Nigerian voters have also sent a strong message to ordinary Africans throughout the continent. If Nigerians can vote for a candidate of their choice, even unseating an incumbent president, voters in other African countries can do the same.
While the challenge in turning Nigeria around is as daunting as ever, it would be a positive outcome if the ruling class
This is the first time in Nigeria's fifty-four-year history that an incumbent president was voted out of office.
Nigeria's political leaders exploit the extreme poverty, hunger and high unemployment rates for their personal gains, and rather than hold these leaders accountable for job-creation, power and educational reforms, the large numbers of ill-informed voters give away their voting.
Some analysts fear these tensions will explode into communal violence if Jonathan wins, as it did after his last victory