Goodnight Moon

But she didn't blindly paint them as little angels, either.
Margaret Wise Brown lived a short life, (1910-1952) but she lived a life of quality with a passion for literature. The exquisite
I couldn't read, "I love you, right up to the moon and back," without thinking that the moon would always be there, but my child would not.
From discussions of near-rhymes, dates in history, Oprah, and one boy's Uncle Kevin, this discussion group proves that kids
My son Brandon was 19 years old on April 25, 2014. I'm proud that he is turning into a happy, healthy, and intelligent young man with a wide variety of interests and a well-adjusted and positive outlook on life and the future. Just one thing. Why the hell can't he still be 6?
Writing the first draft of my second novel as a new mom living in Nicaragua and Miami Beach, I have no workshop to instill fear, excitement and motivation in me. But I do have one vociferous little mentor: my toddler, Amalía.
So we came up with these. Enjoy! Yup, we did too. Ever wondered what HuffPost's front page would look like if we lived in
This parody replaces the familiar Goodnight Moon room with electronic gadgets and "a fed-up old woman, who is trying to sleep" amid "the bings, bongs, and beep of e-mails and tweets" to spread the word "that some of the simple and quieter things get lost" in our device filled lives.
Video produced by The Other House We all remember being tucked into bed, listening to someone read “Goodnight Moon.” Now
Yup, it would be quite a literary world if all books contained as much mayhem as Cormac McCarthy novels.