Google Glass

This museum celebrates all kinds of failed products.
By Cade Metz for WIRED. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg unveiled what he calls the world’s first augmented reality platform, a
[1] REVEALED: Leaked video shows Snapchat's new glasses For Snap Inc. to continue on the arc of high growth and to begin
M.I.T. sociologist & author of Reclaiming Conversation, Sherry Turkle, explains why we can't learn empathy from robotic toys.
How will my grandchildren live? I don't really know. What they will have then probably won't even be envisioned until I am gone. Maybe when they travel back in time to see me I will get a glimpse of what will be.
The company is keeping relatively quiet about its augmented-reality goggles.
I don't blame Caplan for not answering the loaded part of the question from CBS. It's a thorny subject to think that a technology
A new study highlights a surprising application for the troubled product.
"OK, Google Glass. Who did I meet last night?"