Google Nose will filter out any unpleasant scents, like rotten garbage or steamed Brussels sprouts. Google Mouth will automatically close if you try to eat something you shouldn't, like rotten garbage or steamed Brussels sprouts.
Furstenberg sat down with Elle Magazine to discuss her new line of Google Glasses, which will debut at her 2015 resort presentation
Starting at 9 a.m. ET, people in the U.S. can order Glass from this Google website. But before you do, check your bank account
A guide to words I wish were part of our common vernacular.
I see Google Glass as a critical platform in achieving this bright future of memory preservation. With the development of Glass, Evergram, and many more apps, neither discussed nor created yet, I see the possibility created for the easy collection and transmission of memories and thoughts.
Recent news suggests that just by wearing Google Glass, you can be accused of committing a crime.
When I was a producer for CBS Sunday Morning (a million years ago), I lived on an airplane. If you wanted to produce TV shows
Smart Glass is no longer the sole domain of Google. Originally developed by the military to give soldiers "Terminator vision" while leaving their hands free to maneuver weapons, multiple manufacturers are releasing their own interpretation of how this wearable tech can improve the quality of your life.
Watch the amazing video above. (It might even give you some ideas for when Glass publicly launches in 2014.) Google Glass
As NBC News notes, "Google Glass may still be a rare sight in the wild, but the wearable camera and mobile device never fails