Google Nose will filter out any unpleasant scents, like rotten garbage or steamed Brussels sprouts. Google Mouth will automatically close if you try to eat something you shouldn't, like rotten garbage or steamed Brussels sprouts.
The 67-year-old is a natural choice for a collaboration, not only because of her influence on the industry, but also because
Today's the big day. The one day that us "normals," who were not chosen to be Google Glass Explorers during the first round
A guide to words I wish were part of our common vernacular.
I see Google Glass as a critical platform in achieving this bright future of memory preservation. With the development of Glass, Evergram, and many more apps, neither discussed nor created yet, I see the possibility created for the easy collection and transmission of memories and thoughts.
Recent news suggests that just by wearing Google Glass, you can be accused of committing a crime.
A few years later, when we started producing Trauma, Life in the ER for TLC, I was still living on a plane and spending my
Smart Glass is no longer the sole domain of Google. Originally developed by the military to give soldiers "Terminator vision" while leaving their hands free to maneuver weapons, multiple manufacturers are releasing their own interpretation of how this wearable tech can improve the quality of your life.
Google Glass may be the future, but one of the things it does best is capture the present. The film was shot over the span
In keeping ahead of the social media trends, the couple memorialized their vows as the first couple to say "I do" using the
The Google Glass is easily one of the most influential pieces of technology I have ever used. This is not because it takes good video and pictures, but it's because it will be what people use for their daily lives.
If we are going to let cloud-based computers operate like our eyes and ears, and allow for videos and recordings to be fed to Google's corporate cloud without the public's knowledge, invasion of privacy laws better apply.
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgCould we create completely new senses unlike anything in human experience? What would it be like to experience such senses?
"That's exactly why, even though we wanted to make them trendy, we added the blue nose bridge as an indicator that these
(h/t Mashable) How long until someone wears Glass for their wedding? We're giving it a month. A marriage proposal is one
At one point during the evening Sarah Palin arrived at the hotel and made a smooth, practiced pass through the bar shaking
The Google Glass is one of those technologies that we are going to impulsively fight like the early eBooks and readers. It's going to change the fundamental way in which we interact with the world, and that's a scary thought.