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Just say what you want and tap to have it shipped. Like magic.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google Now came out on top. In the test results, shown below, a search engine only got credit for
I'm a longtime Google Voice user and the phone makes it simple to connect with that. Am I getting ripped off? Thus, I posted
Remember the old children's game "Telephone" where one child whispers a message to the next child, who whispers it to the next and so on? The end result was always hilariously transmogrified from the original message.
What happens when two of the most popular digital voices speak to each other? A whole lot of confusion, that's what. Artist
More than 150,000 visitors flooded the Recovers servers in the days following Sandy's surge, looking for ways to help out
We've said in the past that Google's trying to do your thinking for you. Consider the calculator upgrade Google's latest
Call me -- on a phone. I'll answer -- from my phone. We'll meet up -- in person. We'll hang out. If you're fun, I'll invite you back to my place. Then we'll do things -- in person -- that are more fun than over Skype.
Call me old fashioned, but when I'm home or at an office, I like making and receiving phone calls from something that resembles a regular desk phone.
Chatroulette is like the Wild West of live social networking where deviant behavior becomes the unmonitored norm. Shawn Fanning's next big endeavor is a "live" social network site named Supyo -- Chatroulette done right.
Have you tried Sprint's new Google Voice integration? We know a lot of our readers have -- and many of them have had problems
If you are currently a Sprint customer, you can opt in to make that Sprint phone number your Google Voice phone number. This
Number porting lets users switch to Google Voice without having to give up their original cell phone numbers. Google Voice
Thanks to the variety of free (or very cheap) applications available within the reach of a few clicks or taps, it has never been easier for businesses to have teams and clients scattered across the globe and still communicate effectively either for free or for a fraction of the traditional cost.
Read more about the $10 calling credit at Google. Google has teamed up with Blue Star Families and Sesame Street to offer
You can find all of these at the Android Market and, even better, all are FREE!
As a public service, here's the famous opening lines of a bunch of novels, transcribed by Google Voice. The better-read of