Beware of pirates. They're hygiene-deficient and thieves to boot. To begin your search, click over to Google Maps. Once there
Google announced in a post on Google+ on Tuesday that it has added a feature to its image search tool that will allow users
If you've checked the Google homepage today, then you know what to say: Happy 14th birthday, Google! The giant search engine
Check out all of Google's past doodles (here), and then let us know your score in the comments sections below. Can you beat
CORRECTION: The original version of this post misstated the number of types of Olympic canoeing there are, as well as the
Google shoots… and scores! This doodle celebrates men and women's basketball, as both U.S. teams compete this week in the
The hurdles mini-video game is but the latest in Google's playable doodles: You might remember the working Turing Machine
Google reps have not specified how much the company spent on the Wildfire acquisition, though TechCrunch has reported several