The funds will help The Hidden Genius Project reach more youth.
The Latino Community Foundation will use the money to help Latinxs create "social change."
The company has long been vocal about their desire for social change.
Mindfulness training, spread digitally, is a very cost-effective option to help people on a massive scale. It's sustainable. It offers a low cost of entry to populations most in-need. It can help all of us with disabilities -- recognized or not -- to find well-being every single day.
However, McCord is concerned about how secure Callisto's database would be, and Rodgers insists no app or online tool will
Google has blurred the lines between the company and the philanthropy.
When Google initially launched, they said it was going to be big. At the time of its launch, then-director Larry
Technology has enabled a whole new kind of creativity and innovation -- and a 24/7 time crunch. At some point, the time-bubble has to burst.
In a press release on November 27, 2007 Google announced a strategic initiative to develop renewable energy. The initiative
Last Tuesday, President Obama named Dr. Rajiv Shah to head the embattled U.S. Agency for International Development. He is the type of leader who can reassert our enduring values of compassion around the world.
Read the full story here Geothermal energy may be the most prolific renewable fuel source that most people have never heard, the public-spirited division of, charged with addressing "climate change, poverty and emerging disease