“Unfortunately cities want to attract companies and jobs, not build housing.”
"Getting inspired is one thing. Staying inspired and productive until your dreams have become a reality is a different challenge altogether. Where you work can change everything," says Matt Davis, co-founder of IgnitedSpaces.
In a segment of Lucky Chow, Danielle Chang visits with the leadership of the Googleplex's vast food program, which includes everything from campus food trucks to salad bars; from employee cafeterias to sit-down restaurants.
It is sad, but only if you let it overwhelm you. Electronic gimmicks and outlets are like forbidden, fat-laden food. You have to learn to discipline yourself and consume just enough to satisfy your craving, without causing damage to your physical or mental health.
"I am not a YouTube star," bubbles a cute brunette sporting the space age-like head mounted Google Glass glasses. "I am a Google+ girl!"
Great companies, even when they get big, still manage to hold onto their entrepreneurial roots. For many, that means carrying
You can read more about the project at the Mercury News. "We've asked them to build the most green, sustainable building
Last week, Tina Fey dropped by the Googleplex for the company's series of fireside chats to talk about her new book, 'Bossypants
Perhaps it's no coincidence, then, that the search-engine behemoth seems on the verge of constructing its own model company
The rest of Google's American employees get fed, but Google doesn't break down employment for its other offices. Internationally