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Jeff B. Cohen is happier these days as a lawyer, but he'd love for Brad Pitt to take his place.
Fans of the 1985 cult classic "The Goonies" have been asking for a sequel for years, and Chris Columbus, who wrote the screenplay
New York City possesses one of the most breathtaking and distinct skylines in the word. For remarkable views of the city, one of the best rooftop terraces in New York City belongs to YOTEL in Midtown Manhattan, which is home to a series of screenings this summer by the Rooftop Film Club.
Who among us didn't spend their childhood wishing they were a Goonie? The premise of exploring your town on the world's most awesome scavenger hunt and finding buried treasure is basically every kid's fantasy (hell, it's still something I dream of happening to me from time to time).
"I don't think there'd be a sequel. I wouldn’t remake it. If anything it’d be something new and fresh. Hopefully we’re doing
"The Goldbergs" is a treasure trove of 1980s nostalgia every week, so it's exciting -- and somehow completely appropriate
Do you think you'd go and see a "Goonies 2"? Another one of Corey's MJ-like performances Even at the 25th Anniversary release