GOP budget

The dominant theme of last night's Republican debate was that only a "tough" Republican president who radically increases Pentagon spending can make America safe again. But throwing more money at the Pentagon will not make us safer.
The American people must not be distracted by the ongoing political show to the point that they miss the real action occurring behind the scenes.
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The first combined House-Senate budget in six years passed 51-48 with all Senate Democrats and two Republicans voting against
The bottom line is that the Republican budget fails to support families trying to create a better life for themselves and their children. It will exacerbate the economic hopelessness that is fueling unrest throughout the country rather than alleviate it.
“Years ago we didn’t have a tea party and the conservative rebellion in the party. It has made governing much more difficult
“It's like baseball to the extent to which there's no time limit,” Markey said. “I think members learn a lot.” To some senators
The trouble is, neither the Fed nor the GAO considered just how European this whole thing is, which is far more important
But Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the top Democrat on the Senate Budget Committee, outlined her party’s strategy to keep Obama
...But with Tea Party appeal - Anthony Salvanto: "In our Feb [CBS News] poll most Reps didn’t know enough about Cruz to say
Perhaps no proposal illuminates the split between GOP rhetoric and reality more than health care, where Republicans have put forth no plan to insure the millions of Americans who would lose coverage if their budget became law.
Whether one calls it a gimmick, a joke, or a dagger aimed at the heart of any American whose house lacks a car elevator, the Republican budget plans -- which will include a repeal of the president's healthcare reform law -- offer a serious opportunity for Democrats, if they take advantage of it.
The president is banking on the legislative process never getting to that point. Congressional Republicans are invested in
For all the deception and evasion that permeates this year's House and Senate Republican budgets, one thing comes through clearly: The Republicans have no interest in the well-being of seniors or the disabled. Theirs is an anti-tax agenda for the wealthy and an anti-social-contract agenda for everyone else.
"I'm not going to allow that to be the reason I vote against the budget, even though I don't like the trick that is being
The proposal, led by House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price, pledges to make "great strides in repealing onerous policies
Like previous Republican budgets, Price's plan contains no tax increases. It assumes Congress will reform the tax code to
Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) on Friday said it would be “wise” for Republicans to follow a rule next year that would require any