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Jeb! may not be so excited about cutting back on private jet travel.
Bruce Kennedy seemed to be all set for his run for a New York state Assembly seat. The Nassau County Republican Committee officially endorsed him in May, hoping that the moderate mayor of Sea Cliff could perhaps wrest the seat away from a Democratic incumbent.
GOP Candidate Suggests There Could Be A 'Zombie Apocalypse'
Now, Stewart was fine with the apparent change in opinion as long as it came from someplace genuine: Watch the full clip
Entering the race late gives me an advantage over my esteemed co-candidates and worthless enemies. My delayed candidacy means there's less time to be investigated by the lame-stream media. If Herman Cain had waited to jump into the race, who knows how far he could have gone.
Too many of congregants' political priorities are determined by a party or ideology -- not the Word of God. Their identities are shaped by marketing and media campaigns that manufacture a view of the world in order to maximize their own power and profit.
"My plan, we would have had a private sector bailout with the right private sector restructuring... as opposed to government
Although he declined an invitation to speak at the Chicago Tea Party's "TeaCon 2011" this weekend, Rick Perry's campaign
Everyone who is anyone can tell you that the GOP base doesn't care for the current slate of candidates on offer. Or, at the
Meet Karab Amabo: "A fat, white, small-eared idiot, who angers quickly, overreacts to everything and can bowl 300; and who
Huffington Post political reporter Ryan Grim appeared on MSNBC today, with Tamron Hall, to discuss Republican congressional