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The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to keep the federal government funded through the end of the fiscal year, seeking to avert a potential government shutdown when the continuing resolution expires on March 27.
The White House on Tuesday said it was "deeply concerned" about the House GOP bill, emphasizing its lack of flexibility for
Republicans want to offset the $1.6 billion in aid to recent victims of floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes with spending cuts
If major job-creating legislation is passed, and millions of jobs are indeed created, the right-wing economic catechism that government spending and counter-cyclical deficit spending do not work will be vanquished.
The GAO issued a decision in response to an inquiry by Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-Fl.), the chairman of the House Appropriations
Republican governors stormed into state houses this January after campaigning against federal spending, and various so-called
"Our immediate goal to cut spending to pre-bailout, pre-stimulus levels," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said. "That's what
No one was more critical than Representative Mark Steven Kirk when President Obama and the Democratic majority in the Congress
ABC News' Jonathan Karl reported on Monday on the prospect of Rogers emerging as the ranking Republican on the committee
So, who will Republicans choose to run the committee that controls the government's purse strings? Will it be a proven deficit