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In a case of unfortunate timing, voters outside of Los Angeles received a pro-gun robocall from Republican House candidate Tony Strickland a day after a mass shooting at the University of California Santa Barbara.
Protect our gun rights, vote for Tony Strickland for Congress. Tony Strickland has a history of protecting our Second Amendment
The April 17 Senate debate was a public embarrassment in which a minority employed insults to logic to thwart the will of a vast majority of the nation.
"We really ought to follow what the American public wants and there’s a clear consensus that they’re in favor of stricter
It is not the first time a news outlet has publicly said it could not secure interviews with opponents of gun control. In
Maybe Republican politicians see that Mitt Romney got the be their party's presidential nominee by changing his positions more often than a yoga instructor, so maybe it could work for them, too. Who knows?
"The regulation of intrastate commerce is vested in the states," the Michigan bill reads. "Congress has not expressly preempted
Obama also announced that he would take 23 “executive actions,” including initiatives such as launching “a national safe
2011-11-29-20111107bothsidesnow.jpgReagan & Matalin debate why Hagel is on defense over going to Defense. Since he's a wounded warrior who reflects the re-elected president's views -- with no John Tower problems -- he'll likely end up on top. NRA? Mary says ok to universal background checks but not "liberal shibboleths."