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On Tuesday, Walker argued to Fox News that he wasn't actually flip-flopping, because his past statements in support of citizenship
"I think those options will have to be explored." “What I think [the president] has done is unified the country and the electorate
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) issued a strong warning Tuesday to House Republicans who are opposing comprehensive immigration
Immigration reform leaders going to get arrested — Elise Foley (@elisefoley) August 1, 2013 "What
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) went after the media on Wednesday for its coverage of remarks by Rep. Steve King
A White House senior advisor accused House Republicans of "cruel hypocrisy" for embracing an immigration plan that would
Earlier this week, tea party activists and GOP lawmakers gathered near the Capitol to rail against an immigration reform bill passed by the Senate…and things got awkward.
While the event was linked to a number of controversial figures, including an organizer who has argued for eugenics and called
Bachmann then continued to describe a fantasy world in which Obama's magical powers would allow Democrats to enact changes
Conservative critics of comprehensive immigration reform have remained skeptical of polls that show Republican support, arguing
Joe Green, the founder and president of, the tech-funded group pushing for immigration reform, has reportedly referred
Many Republicans downplay the importance of immigration. Last year’s GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, put that concept
According to the New York Times, key Senate Republicans threaten to sink the entire immigration reform initiative if it includes
But it has also put a spotlight on longstanding opposition to immigration reform within the party, potentially blunting the
Democrats responded by mocking Cornyn, asking him to identify his "mysterious friend." The senator later stood by the claim
It’s a far cry from the hard-fought GOP primary, when presidential hopefuls competed to paint themselves as the toughest
The RNC will also push for a tone of "tolerance and respect" in the immigration debate, create "senior level advisory councils
All this suggests that the Republican Party seems to have gotten the message after its shellacking last fall. Republican