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The slight Republican edge follows a tumultuous autumn, when Democrats' numbers soared during the government shutdown, then
Unfavorable ratings for both the Republican Party and the tea party have ticked up to record highs, according to a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday evening.
House Speaker John Boehner's (Ohio) unfavorable rating is at 55 percent, up from 48 percent just before the shutdown, while
Fifty percent of Democrats see their own party as most interested in helping the middle class, though that puts the party
The Pew Research poll surveyed 1,480 adults, including 497 Republican and Republican-leaning voters, by phone between July
This all comes amid an uptick in dissatisfaction with the budget cuts brought by sequestration. Disapproval of the cuts is
Congressional Republicans' handling of federal spending is broadly disliked by the public, with President Obama's actions
Other recent polling has found that half of Republicans disapprove of their representatives in Congress, and that a slight
In contrast, 44 percent of adults surveyed said they have a positive view of the Democratic Party, while 38 percent have
One thing comes through loud and clear in the new NBC/Wall Street Journal national poll: Republicans have a major brand problem