gop war on women

After the most recent GOP Presidential whatever-you-want-to-call-it, some of you looking desperately for a Republican who seems, well, not kooky may have cast your gaze toward Ohio Governor John Kasich.
The group launched a new campaign Thursday that highlights the GOP's struggle to connect with women voters. Titled "GOP Summer
"Everyone who's asked me that question, I've asked them one back: Have you physically counted the number of women from the
The women listed as speakers for CPAC, which is run by the American Conservative Union, are former vice presidential candidate
For years, Republicans have tried to get between a woman and her doctor. Now they're trying to come between a woman and her health insurance company.
Paul said he was "not so sure" what the former president’s improprieties had to do with a potential Hillary Clinton bid, but
Before you go making such claims about "what all the statistics are saying" these days, there are a few you didn't mention that I'd like to bring to your attention.
It's no surprise that Priebus was quick to reject Huckabee's comments, which come at a time when Republicans are trying to
The "War on Women" charge against the GOP refers to Republicans' opposition to equal pay legislation; repeated attacks on
To engage in a conversation about reproductive health with a NCGA-ordained physician, women must first scale the face of a 2,000-foot-tall cliff while singing Christian hymns and carrying a rucksack of high school "practice babies," a feat that would test even the sneakers of Wendy Davis.
Republicans have done a lot of soul searching to try and figure out why women voters opposed them at historic levels during the 2012 election. They've questioned their message, and their messengers. But they haven't reflected on their anti-woman policies.
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) said at a congressional hearing this week that the military's sexual assault problem stems in
"I have people who tell me they feel the way I do, but are afraid to vote the way I do," he said. Cox told HuffPost in an
2012 was the year of the "war on women." From attacks on birth control access to atrociously phrased definitions of rape
2012: The Year Of 'The War On Women' (MASHUP)
Just days before the election, many concerned voters are expressing their concerns over the attacks on women's basic rights. Will enough people use their civic duty to stand up for women's rights and elect leaders on Tuesday who will stand up with them?
Why is it that despite so many high-profile stories about conservative candidates making offensive comments about rape and abortion, not to mention trying to limit contraception access, there are still plenty of women who have not been scared away from conservatives?
2012-10-12-Screenshot20121012at4.22.18PM.jpgToday we launch our second video, a short reminder that there are people elected to office who are making very important decisions about our bodies, and they have no business doing so.