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"It was so interesting to see the world from his perspective!"
Brace yourself; the latest first-person perspective video from GoPro is an aquatic feast for the eyes. Scuba diver Chris
Good News
Which leads us to Franzie, a feline who seems to have a penchant for hugging. The latest clip from Tricia Carr uses a GoPro
Greenpeace USA included some sobering context for the cute clip: "In Glacier National Park, global warming is melting glaciers
Culture & Arts
If you've been to a Cirque du Soleil show in the past decade, you've probably seen a Cyr Wheel in action. Invented in 2003
GoPros are responsible for some incredible moments -- an eagle soaring through the French Alps, goofy dog selfies, and even
When doing your homework after school, do you ever find yourself saying, "I wish I were anywhere but here?" One awesome kid
Think surfing's not for you because of the intimidating big waves, action-packed adrenaline, and terrifying wipe-outs? This