Gordon Klingenschmitt

Lawrence did not respond to my request that she sign the Fake News Pledge, and she still has at least one fake-news meme
Klingenschmitt: "As an aspiring journalist, truth is my stock and trade, so I do not intentionally re-post items on Facebook
The ever-predictable Gordon Klingenschmitt strikes again.
One big problem. While the first sentence is Obama's, the second was never uttered by him. But in doing so, some of them
Yep, folks, this man was an elected official 😖
However, this more moderate and toned-down version of Ted Cruz didn't last very long, as just days later he launched new
Wilburn: For what its worth, not one of the Democrat candidates in last night's debate mentioned or invoked "God" at any
In a radio show after three people were gunned down at a Planned Parenthood clinic, a Republican legislator from Colorado Springs, where the shooting occurred, equated the shooter with Planned Parenthood executives.
Last week's terrorism at a Planned Parenthood center in Colorado Springs won't stop Colorado state Sen. Kevin Lundberg from conducting hearings on the women's health organization and pushing for a state investigation.
The inflammatory anti-choice language, often inaccurate and undergirded by a life-and-death, holocaust-like moral imperative, can have an overwhelming power, Fladen argues, above pitched rhetoric on other topics, to push people, even reasonable ones, to violence.