Gordon Sondland

He also said that the whistleblower's attorney should be "sued" for "treason."
The senator suggested Gordon Sondland, a major Trump donor, was influenced by "Democratic operatives" to revise his testimony.
The president name-checked the movie, and the "Late Show" host responded with a song.
The Republican senator literally refused to read witness transcripts after demanding their release just a month ago.
They'd rather not discuss the stunning reversal by a top Trump diplomat confirming a quid pro quo involving aid to Ukraine.
Sondland significantly altered his original story in an update to his testimony submitted Monday.
"Late Show" host dives into the newly released transcripts from the impeachment inquiry.
Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland believed the White House meeting sought by Ukrainian President Zelensky depended on an agreement to open a Biden probe, according to his attorney.
Bill Taylor testified and then Trump obliquely called him "human scum." And that's just the beginning.
The acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine told lawmakers that Sondland personally communicated the demand for a political favor to Ukrainian officials.
Bill Taylor, the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, provided a compelling account in his testimony before the House on Tuesday.
The ambassador claims he didn't know Donald Trump was targeting Joe Biden in Ukraine — but the evidence was on front pages for months.
The U.S. ambassador to the European Union criticized the president in prepared testimony to House committees as part of their impeachment inquiry.
Fiona Hill told impeachment investigators of fears raised by Gordon Sondland’s naive actions, The New York Times wrote.
The State Department blocked Gordon Sondland, U.S. ambassador to the European Union, from testifying before a House impeachment panel.