They weren't in movies. They were inspired by movies. Perhaps by a specific film. Perhaps by a star. Or perhaps simply by the entire magical filmic experience. It's a broad definition. Here are fifteen really good songs, covering fifty years of pop music.
For more, head to Revolt. A new album would mean the first since 2011's "The Fall." Despite not making new music together
Around 10:30 p.m., Albarn and his band, The Heavy Seas, walked on stage to thunderous applause, the Brit smiled with his
Pink Floyd - “Shine on You Crazy Diamonds, Pts. 1-5” The Who - “Eminence Front" Classic Rock Beck - “Waking Light" There's
An unreleased song from Gorillaz called "Whirlwind" has made its way online. The track, which was reportedly recorded as
A flesh-eating skeleton, a seductive spider and a dragon king. These are among the mythical creatures Monkey encounters on a journey that has captivated for centuries.
Every now and again, a popular artist releases a Christmas album that's great (Sufjan Stevens), but more often than not it's
For more on the story, including Albarn's thoughts on heroin, head over to the Telegraph. Blur will also release a new single
"I've made a lot of records because that's what I do, and I've listened to a lot of records, and I have to tell you the truth--it wouldn't have mattered if The Beatles had recorded "A Hard Day's Night" on Silly Putty. It would have sounded good."
Listen to the new single below, and click over to Gorillaz.com to stream the entire album for free, or purchase a download
[VIA Motherboard.tv] On Melancholy Hill - NYC Lights from Chateau Bezerra on Vimeo. Loving New York Art Director Chateau
This combination of visuals, musical style and talent, raw energy and power, it was just a two hour experience of wonderment for the audience.
Text courtesy of Citysearch. By Cadien Clark Maybe it's the fact that radio DJs refer to it as "Rocktober" or the idea that
Everybody knows that Coachella is one of the finest collections of beauties that you'll find anywhere in the world. And it