Gotham City

The CW announced it was picking up the show, making Ruby Rose's character the first openly queer superhero in the title role of a live-action series.
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...the Superheroes of Fall TV!
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Roiling fog, cars speeding across iconic bridges, late night cityscapes, all of these are commonplace in a city time-lapse. What makes Gotham City SF different is that all of this happens in black and white -- almost unheard of in time-lapse these days -- with an original soundtrack worthy of the next TRON movie.
And I'm sure Ben Affleck will receive the same cycle of social media hate that Carrie Underwood and every other star receives
In his battle against leukemia, five-year-old Miles finds inspiration in the strength of superheroes -- Batman, in particular
The fourth installment of “Gotham City,” photographer Timothy Briner’s atmospheric black and white study of New York City
On film, at least recently, Gotham City has been harder to pin down. Christopher Nolan shot much of "The Dark Knight" in
In the second installment of “Gotham City,“ photographer Timothy Briner captures the fleeting moments and sights that characterize
I don't even know which movie this line comes from. But I do know that I hear it every time I come to this incredible metropolis
talon01DC Comics is launching their first-ever series with a brand-new character from The New 52.
Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy has officially ended. It's hard to believe that the ride is over, but no one can argue that it wasn't an unforgettable journey.
Just take a look at the detailed map of Gotham below -- courtesy of The Dark Knight Manual (Insight Editions) -- and tell
Deep in your heart, you know Colbert's got the complete package of comic timing, creativity, audacity, and that indefinable "it" to pull off a portrayal of such a multi-layered villain.
Why would anyone live in Gotham City? Well for one thing, for The Theater. The low melanoma rate. The restaurants are legendary. And you can still find a reliable butler.