They are the European countries with the most outbreaks recorded at the end of June, but their strategies to tackle Covid-19 could not be more different.
For the first time, Stockholm and Gothenburg co-hosted the international LGBTQ celebration.
The woman livestreamed video of her one-person protest, and the Afghan man was taken off the flight.
When we return home to the United States next year, this will be one of the hardest things for me to leave behind.
Less than twenty years ago, Gothenburg was known as the most virulently homophobic city in the country.
On a snow-cold winter's night in Sweden, a gay atheist and his husband entered Gothenburg Cathedral for the annual candlelit Lucia concert -- and, two hours later, emerged elated.
Making Change & Gender Equality in Nordic Media (courtesy Nordicom) There's a "celluloid ceiling," according to "Making Change
We hit upon two fairly new, slightly quirky hotels that both proved to be excellent choices.
In the run-up to their performances, we chatted with bandmate Philip Ekström to learn more about one of the cities the band
When Adam, a 13-year-old Swedish boy, was assigned to create a street-art project, he decided to use it as an opportunity