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Progressives are calling it a “ham-fisted” and counterproductive way to help low-wage workers.
Senator Thom Tillis asks Dr. Ben Carson how he would help people on government assistance.
Senator Thom Tillis asks Dr. Ben Carson how he would help people on government assistance.
TANF Continues to Weaken as a Safety Net The maps showcase three different aspects of TANF's safety net and illustrate how
"That was, in part, when I started to be free again," says Jacquelyn Mitchard.
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter Child poverty in the U.S. would be significantly worse if government assistance
Republicans in the House of Representatives on Wednesday started in on a "top-to-bottom" review the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known by its former name, food stamps -- but they say they're not out to cut benefits.
How sometimes there are things far more important than your own pride. "Last year, the government granted food stamps to
Barker, who wrote a blog post about her experience with poverty shaming, added, "one thing that my blog pointed out was that
It's not just a lack of empathy or understanding of the facts. It's about leadership and the failure of our leaders to temper ideology with pragmatism and acting for the greater good.
A reader from Mississippi, who asked that we not print her name, had this to say: Editor's note: Some responses have been
If Romney is elected, policies based on that philosophy may be put into action. His running mate Paul Ryan, for example, has
Each year during Ramadan, Hakim and ILM volunteers organize Humanitarian Day, a service event where they go to impoverished
Soffer, 32, said in an interview that he would not explicitly support one candidate or the other because he works for a religious
He finds himself so consumed with looking for full-time work that he has no time to enroll in classes to finish his associate's
"We invite the community into our home to eat and pray because we want to be close not just our own friends in the house