Government Contracting

And the company used government resources to do even that, concludes Homeland Security's inspector general.
Momentum is building. At the London Anti-Corruption Summit this year, 40 countries have agreed that public contracts should
The stories of how the largest buyer of goods and services in America - the US Government - does (or more often, doesn't
The future of government contracting is open. Paper-based, fraud-prone systems make precarious foundations for a 21st century economy.
Not so. Love from the DOE is a sometime thing. Just ask Prince, who now must tell investors and staff that the $10 million
DCAA compliance can be an overwhelming task for some small contractors. Some may feel the cost to maintain a compliant accounting system outweigh the benefits. However when a contract award is up for grabs, having an existing DCAA compliant system is like having an insurance policy when you need it most.
While many are able to benefit from public transportation, the reality is short term federal funding bills for transportation infrastructure for more than 10 years has left small businesses at the curve impacting job creation in our nation.
Government is based, ultimately, on fostering relationships of trust aimed at joint efforts to create social good. Dan Ariely's reminder is thus worth keeping in mind. Yet we may be overly focused on seeing the connections within government and between government and citizens in market terms.
It is a must-go time for minority businesses to take calculated risks to expand their footprint through government contracting
As your small business starts swimming in the Federal market while continuing to grow on the local and state levels, know that there are key strategies required for success in winning contracts.