government corruption

When we politicize the pursuit of justice, we ironically perpetuate injustice and contribute to corruption. How many voices
Ethics is something that was taught in ancient Greece and was once neatly woven into our secondary education system. Ethics classes, like civics classes, are now rarely found on the high school level in this country. Isn't it time to resurrect this again?
Unlike some cultural aspects that are relative, violations of innocent people's physical integrity - such as dropping bombs on them - is universally deviant.
It's the latest crisis to hit Crystal City, where most of the top officials have been arrested on corruption charges.
That's not counting the one arrested last month on human smuggling charges.
When the government believes it's more important for the people to have material possessions (and debt) instead of education
Fifty-six percent of Americans believe houses or rooms can be haunted. One in five believes Bigfoot is a real creature; about the same percentage are afraid of zombies. Yet at least until the walking dead put up their own candidate in the New Hampshire primary, those are not the concerns that should frighten us the most.
Senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) trotted out his "there's-been-no-warming-for-18-years" schtick during a Senate hearing and Retired Rear Admiral David Titley (a meteorologist and oceanographer) very patiently explained to him why he's mistaken.
A top government official with energy industry holdings huddles in secret with oil company executives to work out the details of a potentially lucrative "national energy policy." Later, that same official steers billions of government dollars to his former oil-field services company. What country is this?
Every reporter on the campaign trail should be sticking a microphone or a pocket recorder in the face of prospective candidates
This week, The Huffington Post's Paul Blumenthal reported on the payday lending industry's massive effort to influence legislation
Don't expect bribery to get you far in New Zealand. North Korea, however, may be a different story. A new map by Transparency
A shipment worth $140,000 in medical equipment to fight Ebola arrived in Sierra Leone on Aug. 9. But not a single life-saving
And for what, exactly? As Edsall notes, a hot load of nothing: The ban on earmarks, adopted after the Republican takeover
Now this case is in Federal Court awaiting rulings. My company is represented in this litigation by Obagi Stodder, LLP So
Authoritarian regimes are silencing human rights defenders through the use of laws that restrict access to funding. Can civil society fight back? Joining the conversation are human rights activist Alexandra Pomeon, former USAID head Andrew Natsios, and Russian LGBT activist Olga Lenkova.
"Citizens deserve to know how donations are spent and how much is received," Mock said. "Our campaign disclosure laws are
Last week, New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman launched, a new website that his office touts as a means for "voters, the media and government watchdogs to hold state government accountable."