government ethics

The president's daughter may have violated federal code with the product plug.
Six senior agency officials are named in a complaint filed Wednesday with Interior’s Office of Inspector General.
The bill is a companion to House Democrats’ sweeping reform proposal.
Apparent conflicts of interest are nothing new at the Interior Department.
The president smiled next to the judge with a copy of her "Liars, Leakers and Liberals."
Scott Pruitt resigned after racking up ethics probes over perks like first-class travel, courtside seats, secret calendars and soundproof booths.
A phone call about a Chick-fil-A franchise, a search for a used Trump hotel mattress and a purchase of $130 pens. Odd jobs at the EPA.
The agency has one already. But it's on a different floor.
Secretary of Health & Human Services Tom Price has a pricey habit of taking chartered flights at taxpayers’ expense.
Walter Shaub Jr., the Office of Government Ethics Director, has resigned.