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Public employment, long seen as a secure job with good benefits, took a series of hits during the recession, with state and
Bush has been eager to distance himself from Washington or any appearance of continuing a political dynasty.
That 2.2 million jobs would also get the U.S. job market back to its peak level of employment, set in January 2008, in the
Okay, so that last one trips controversy, with some people clinging to the idea that when you hand a jobless person a check
With the Local Jobs for America Act putting the possibility of direct government hiring back on the table, we must make sure any hiring programs actually reach the communities that need help most.
Civil servants are always an easy punching bag for politicians, but Scott Brown is incorrect about civil service salaries and his call for a hiring and pay freeze is shortsighted.
The sheer number of applicants means the vast majority of people will not get jobs and will come away disappointed, including