Government of China

The app, owned by Chinese tech giant Tencent, is popular with many Chinese-speaking Americans.
Microsoft said its bid for the popular Chinese-owned video app has been rejected by Bytedance, a week before Trump planned to ban it in the U.S.
The order will prohibit any U.S. transactions with the Chinese-owned parent companies of the apps, citing national security concerns.
OFILM, a tech supplier that employs Uighurs under highly restrictive conditions, touts customers like Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, HP, LG and Huawei.
They were expelled after the Journal refused to apologize and "hold the persons involved accountable,” said a Chinese official.
The information offers the fullest view yet into how Chinese officials decided who to put into and let out of detention camps.
The Chinese app “is considered a cyber threat,” an Army spokeswoman said Monday.
The Chinese government’s “ethnic genocide” against the Muslim Uighur population is disqualifying, according to Emgage.
The classified documents lay out the Chinese government’s deliberate strategy to lock up ethnic minorities even before they commit a crime.
The Vice President singled out Nike for removing Houston Rockets merchandise from stores in China after Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey's tweet.