government waste

The ultraconservative Coburn had a reputation for using procedural technicalities to thwart legislation.
Time and again his explanations for wasteful spending have proven to be less than true.
With a $19 trillion national debt, the pressure will be on Congress to cut wasteful spending in 2017. Maybe they can give taxpayers a real treat, instead of tricking us into paying for this stuff, before Halloween rolls around next year.
Hillary Clinton isn't the only woman with government experience running for President. Clinical psychologist and presidential candidate Dr. Lynn S. Kahn has been reinventing and transforming government from the inside for 32 years.
You'd have to be living under a rock to think opioid addiction is anything less than a public health crisis in America--a problem that's reaching truly epidemic proportions, ravaging lives across the country.
In what's become something of a sick annual tradition, members of Congress attached a multitude of riders to this must-pass piece of legislation in an attempt to sneak through deeply unpopular things they could never justify introducing or voting for on their own.
"It’s hard to imagine a more outrageous waste of money."