The Donald Trump-backed Cameron won the Republican primary for governor and paid the ex-president a dubious compliment.
The governor has promised to block any measure she views as discriminating against LGBTQ+ people.
Members of the coalition said they're "pledging to work together to strengthen abortion firewalls across America."
Moore already has national Democrats buzzing about presidential primaries, but first he has to be governor of a state thawing out from GOP gubernatorial rule.
There is no known case of an openly transgender inmate being executed in the U.S. before, according to the anti-execution Death Penalty Information Center.
Democrats feared Kemp's advantages as an incumbent would be hard to surmount.
“We've leaned into individual responsibility in Colorado,” said Polis, who made a fortune as an internet entrepreneur.
The two faced off in their only televised debate and Jensen's answer quickly got the internet's attention.
O’Rourke, the Democratic nominee for Texas governor, is betting on turnout among new and infrequent voters.
In an undercover video, the GOP candidate for Virginia governor, Glenn Youngkin, talked about not sharing his anti-abortion stance.