During a town hall, Beto O’Rourke didn’t hold back after a person laughed about the guns used in the Uvalde school shooting.
As the Republican nominee, Lake will face Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in November.
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy called Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) a “fool” for participating in the New York Young Republican Club’s gala, which appeared to flout masks and social distancing guidelines.
Two leading candidates in the Republican governor's race are among those who will be removed from the ballot pending court challenges.
"I do not believe that promoting or expanding the use of recreational marijuana is in the best interests of the state of Delaware, especially our young people," Carney said.
The former White House press secretary announced that she is running for governor in her home state of Arkansas.
A far-right election denier, backed by Donald Trump, won the Republican nomination for Pennsylvania governor.
“Black Panther” star Michael B. Jordan took to the streets of Georgia to encourage voters to head to the polls.
Herbster had the strong support of former President Donald Trump in the Nebraska race.
The new law guarantees access to reproductive care before and after pregnancy and bans local governments from imposing their own restrictions.