Governor of New York

The president told ABC News that he believes the governor of New York would "probably end up being prosecuted, too"
"I was there. I heard" the office director say, "I can’t believe I’m doing this for you," Charlotte Bennett, a former aide to the New York governor, told CBS News.
The New York governor made the comments after the state’s attorney general demanded Cuomo grant her the authority to investigate the claims.
Charlotte Bennett, 25, told The New York Times that the governor said he'd be open to relationships with women in their 20s.
The New York governor tore into Trump after the president’s threat to hold up COVID-19 vaccine distribution to his state.
Sibling rivalry between the CNN host and the New York governor heated up in the interview.
“This is the harbor where Frederick Trump arrived from Germany and whose grandson would become president of the United States."
“This campaign changed expectations about what’s possible in New York state," the progressive challenger to Gov. Andrew Cuomo said after her primary loss.
The two-term Democrat defeated actress Cynthia Nixon, who challenged him from the left.
The New York gubernatorial candidate sparked culinary controversy at Zabar's deli.