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There hasn't historically been an emphasis here on higher education, because it wasn't needed to get a good factory job. But those jobs went away years ago, and we have a workforce without the training for white-collar jobs.
Senators and Representatives want to know how and why the poisoning happened. Why did the State of Michigan and the US Environmental Protection Agency fail to safeguard the water of Flint?These are important questions.
In a TMFS sketch, a spokesperson for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder defends the governor's request for $1.2 million for legal defense fees to defend the handling of the Flint Water Crisis.
What you have done is not hid from God. He sees clearly the deeds done in darkness and one day they will be brought to light.
The citizens of Flint deserve much more than a steady convoy of trucks carrying privately donated bottled water. They deserve a full-fledged humanitarian military deployment, and a steady convoy of trucks carrying the equipment needed to repair their broken infrastructure and homes.
None of this ever had to happen. But in 2014, an inadequate Republican governor, who is still in power today, tried to cut costs and Flint's entire water supply was poisoned. This is criminal. We have poisoned our children. American babies. American children. Our own people.
Through the lens of rankism, it becomes understandable why the complaints in May 2014 by Flint resident Bethany Hazard of a murky, foamy water coming from her taps went nowhere. She was told instead that Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) analysis of the water met with state standards.
If you're a Baby Boomer 'The Vietnam Conflict' still conjures up images of injustice, indifference and even hostility towards the men and women who put their lives on the line. Concerned citizens need to pay attention to the needs of our brave warriors both past and present.