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We now know the results of rampant greed among the politicians in those states that are cutting education budgets in their K-12 school systems. They would rather preserve the wealth of the wealthiest one percent than see any value in governments or governing of any kind.
He signed bills loosening campaign finance laws and dismantling an independent state elections board.
An embarrassing defeat isn't stopping the governor from having fun.
Chinese-style "manipulation" is clearly a disaster. While it has generated 35 years of stunning economic growth, it has also forced rich people around the world to endure a week-long, anxiety-provoking drop in stock prices!
In a TMFS sketch, the Scott Walker campaign discusses why Walker gave $250 million plus in taxpayer money for a new stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks after cutting the same amount from the University of Wisconsin system.
Dear Governor Walker: I'm appalled by your willingness to trade off the well-being of working people and the health of a fabulous state university system for your grandiose, selfish ambition. I'll do whatever I can to make sure you will not become president.
Some conservative political leaders want you to believe that gay men are a threat to children. They choose to turn away from actual problems facing kids in American schools. In doing so, they are perpetuating the obstacles that LGBT youth must face every day.
Although Democrats salivate at the thought of facing an unelectable Republican like Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, they understand that Republicans are unlikely to actually nominate any of the fringe candidates.
Conservatives have suggested that Walker would make a better general election candidate than other GOP players in the 2016
Your former classmates want to know all about your current governor...
In September of 1919, nine decades before Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker prevailed in his contentious battle against public sector unions and emerged a conservative hero, a little-known Massachusetts governor named Calvin Coolidge faced a major labor dispute. It's instructive to compare how Coolidge and Walker galvanized their respective GOP bases.
What's going on is something of a hypocrisy test. If socialism is bad, if Obamacare is bad, if income redistribution is bad, well, how can two hundred million in corporate subsidies be good?
For all of Walker’s pleading, the arena plan faces an uncertain future. It is unclear whether it will be attached to the
Scott Walker's 2016 strategy is simple: He will seek to defeat Hillary Clinton by mobilizing the resentment of working-class white voters, male and female.
On April 7, Wisconsin's Board of Commissioners of Public Lands voted 2-1 to ban those employed by the agency from doing any work pertaining to climate change or global warming while doing public lands related work.
Over the past few days, more than 2,000 Wisconsinites signed an open letter to Governor Scott Walker, who is on his way to the NRA convention.
It is hard to believe, but most of prospective presidential candidate Walker's antipathy seems to be towards teachers unions and higher education, in particular. He has even proposed to cut the University of Wisconsin budget.
Critical thinking says if you want to earn more money, bullying your employer with a mob isn't the answer. Production is. If you want to earn more money, provide more service.