Gov't Mule

Preeminent American rock band "Gov't Mule," fronted by Grammy-winning artist and guitar legend Warren Haynes, is releasing their 10th studio album, "Revolution Come…Revolution Go" on June 9th via Fantasy Records (under Concord Music Group). The album covers a lot of ground thematically and musically, and as the title suggests some of the songs are intelligent lyrical observations on the divide that America is experiencing in the current political climate and a reminder that we’re all in this together. While there are some political connotations on a few songs, there are also songs about love and life and stylistically it runs the gamut in true Mule style with rock ‘n’ roll, soul, jazz, blues and even a little country. It’s a fantastic, smart and striking album worthy of Gov’t Mule’s celebrated catalogue. Warren Haynes is often called the “the hardest working man in rock and roll” - a prolific musician, guitar legend and a cornerstone of the American music landscape known as part of three of the greatest live rock groups – Allman Brothers Band, Gov’t Mule and the Dead plus countless other acclaimed projects. Gov’t Mule is one of the most revered and in-demand live bands touring to sold-out crowds constantly with many albums charting high on the Billboard charts, millions of sales and hundreds of millions of streams after more than 20 years together.
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