I cannot speak further about meditation without mentioning my teacher, Brahmrishi Sri Guruvanand Ji Swamy, or for short, Gurudev
Carlson's new study joins a growing body of research which has demonstrated mindfulness practices to have significant positive
Corrie ten Boom once said, "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength." Accept the worry
Whether you're driving, walking or commuting by train, a commuter's mindfulness practice will deliver you to work and back
Of course, it's not entirely surprising that yoga can have these kinds of mental health benefits. A wealth of past research
The students who went through the program reported feeling less impulsive after the four weeks than those who didn't, the
Now, you don’t need to be a psychologist to see that these qualities are hardly endearing to any potential future mate. By
"Mindfulness is premised on sustaining attention in the present moment and controlling the way we react to daily thoughts
The researchers found that the people who did the compassion training and who had the highest levels of altruism were also
Researchers also found that social connections are a big part of why it's possible to "will" yourself to have more positive