Today, of course. cell phones and GPS devices provide excellent ways to communicate and navigate unfamiliar territory that weren't available then. Yet I still rely on the precise spiritual guidance that prayer provides.
Through practice, you will eventually create the shift from your wounded self being in charge of your life to your loving adult having dominion over your life.
As another ancient culture would say, in this case, Hellenic, "May her memory be eternal."
When you have a deep desire to learn about what is in your highest good, you will listen to that quiet Guidance that speaks to you through your thoughts, feelings, images, and dreams, or even through the rocks and trees.
Reduction of stress is an important step in normalizing the physiology so that it can function in an integrated and healthy manner, but "busting" stress is, after all, a side benefit of TM. Let's enjoy the natural outcome of this technique -- growing in unity consciousness -- enlightenment.
If you choose not to take responsibility for your life and not to accept certain situations, events and people, then there will be little expansion, and you will remain forever fragmented from the truth, your power and the oneness that connects us all.