Grace and Frankie

“Our democracy is crumbling before my very eyes. And if this motherf**ker can do it, why can't I?” June Diane Raphael told HuffPost.
“Grace & Frankie” actor June Diane Raphael joins Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss women in politics in the #MeToo era. She also discusses The Jane Club, the coworking space she co-founded that’s changing the game for working moms (and dads) in Hollywood, and her new book “Represent,” a guide for women interested in running for office.
Davidson, Paul Rudd and DJ Khaled actually prefer "Grace and Frankie" to "GoT."
The "Grace and Frankie" star tells Ellen DeGeneres she's hoping to reunite with Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton on the big screen.
The "Grace and Frankie" actress was responding to a troll on Twitter.
But the “Grace and Frankie” star isn't calling for it on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Kudrow’s new character has a bubbly and bright personality reminiscent of the free-spirited Phoebe Buffay.
She's collaborating with a top Emily's List staffer to get more women in government.
Season 3 of the Netflix series gets a lot right -- and it's funny.
Is Grace and Frankie the New Modern Retirement? Until Next Time and as always, BE FISCALLY FABULOUS! 3) Be the new Golden
"I don't really care if my kids see my work -- I actually hope that they don't see a lot of it (laughs) -- but I hope for a family dynamic that includes sharing a lot of laughter."
These ideas will get your mind off the election -- we hope.