grace jones

Celebrities like Boy George and Grace Jones have worn bright makeup for decades.
Grace Jones, Beverly Johnson, Pat Cleveland and 56 other black models starred in the show.
"My wish is to have more art than advertisements in public spaces."
We have more people to love, admire, look up to, and be inspired by than ever before.
The '80s icon refused to have her "masculinity" mansplained.
Grace Jones -- a "deluxe triple threat" (singer, model, actress) -- dedicates an entire chapter of her expansive new biography, I'll Never Write My Memoirs, to her infamous reputation for being late. It's Chapter 11, named "Delay."
As much as we'd like to be the one who goes all out for Halloween -- full face paint, crazy costume, the works -- we just aren't. We'd rather take the holiday as an opportunity to switch up our standard beauty look and pay tribute to our favorite beauty icons.