grace lee boggs

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The daughter of Chinese immigrants, Boggs was a seminal figure in the Black Power movement and -- along with her husband, James Boggs -- spent decades tirelessly advocating for fundamental changes in American policy on civil rights, labor relations, feminism, the environment and just about anything else that would shake up the status quo.
Boggs spent her life actively supporting causes ranging from civil rights and labor to the Black Power and feminist movements.
A 100th birthday in itself is a remarkable achievement, but to have used the vast majority of those years serving and advocating for the rights of others is a legacy to be remembered and honored. Today, we celebrate the achievements in the extraordinary life Grace Lee Boggs.
These protests, this rebellion and the Black Lives Matter movement is demanding the actualization of racial justice in this country and is causing a shift of the national consciousness and discourse on mass incarceration and PIC. This is a turning point.
The Oral History Club is a powerful example of the importance of intergenerational dialogue between our youth and the elders. It is the knowing of what has been that informs the limitless possibility of what can be.
As we observe the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, we will hear a common refrain: We still have a long way to go toward realizing Dr. King's Dream.