Grace Meng

“We will not let you take our voice away from us.” Rep. Grace Meng fired back at Rep. Chip Roy for blaming China for the rise in anti-Asian violence.
"I just feel so sorry for the Asian American community," the New York Democrat told CNN's "New Day."
Racist, nativist and xenophobic sentiments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are leading to attacks on Asian Americans.
GOP reps dismissed the issue's magnitude, like Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who claimed “there is no kitchen in America that thinks this is the priority.”
Rep. Grace Meng (D-N.Y.) heads the group of Asian American and Pacific Islander lawmakers making the request.
"Many Americans remain unaware of the important impact that AAPIs have had on our country,” the New York congresswoman told HuffPost.
Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) said she ordered that tampons be available for purchase at the House supply store with office funds.
Meng says Jin Park, an undocumented college student, will help highlight the inaction regarding DACA.
Meng Hongwei's wife says she received a threatening phone call from a man speaking Chinese one week after her husband went missing.
The developers said they would like to make "a sincere and formal apology to the Chinese community."