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Franklin Street subway station features tributes to the Queen of Soul.
5. @paridust Follow Pari Ehsan's account to see interesting photographs of the collaboration between fine art, high-end fashion
Eriq Gardner's article "A Famous Murder Mystery Comes Up in Graffiti Artist's Lawsuit Over Katy Perry's Met Gala Dress" is
William Kentridge's Triumphs and Laments: A Project for Rome In the last few days installation has begun on William Kentridge's
Across the world graffiti is labeled a nuisance by government officials and citizens alike. Increasingly, however, some communities see graffiti as a new art form that ought to be nurtured and seen as an expression of a vibrant culture and a forward thinking community.
Whether you're a self-proclaimed hippie, daredevil, preppy, health nut, or coffee addict, we know just where to visit on
"He is a devil," said Maria Elena Paganini, relative to Niccolo Paganini, the famous violinist labelled the 'Devil's Violinist'. Niccolo Paganini, born 1782 and died 1840, is considered one of the world's most famous violinist of all time.
Kosice, the second largest city of Slovakia, has come up with a bright and brilliant solution to spruce up a nondescript residential district.
More on the Greek debt talks: - The Economic Crisis In Greece –- As Told By An Athens Taxi Driver - Why Greece Is Not Leaving
The Surfrider Foundation, an international organization dedicated to protecting public beaches, has successfully prevented
Photographer Janette Beckman's career has spanned four decades. She's shot album covers for bands from The Police to Grandmaster Flash; adverts for Vodaphone; portraits and performances for magazines, record companies, and fashion brands such as Ben Sherman.
21. Pejac: Another BSA find was this update on an Impressionist classic, by the Spanish artist Pejac, who painted a corroded
Having opened the window to everyone, art and the internet has evolved from the side of a building or a subway car to land on our desktops and smartphones. We can carry aesthetics, creativity and ideology with us everywhere.
Could you describe yourself in two words? That's the question I asked myself after watching Snoop Dogg's video for 'What's your Pleasure?' his smooth, smoky collaboration with Daz Dillinger.
As far back as I can remember, I always admired the graffiti art surrounding California, especially three legendary graffiti artists, Revok, Reyes and Steel, who recently filed a landmark lawsuit in California against embroiled fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.
his son is working with Duncan Miller Gallery to preserve and expand awareness of his late father's extensive estate -- which he recently discovered includes an archive of largely unknown photographs documenting written and pochoir (stencil) graffiti on the streets of 1980s Paris.
To dole out fines for wall art, or sell the Detroit Institute of Arts' assets to satisfy creditors in the city bankruptcy, would be to destroy the core of what sustains this city and will continue to make it stronger.
Yes, street art on museum walls is as cool as it sounds, but combining it with Renaissance manuscripts is groundbreaking.