graffiti artist

"I know, I'm a bad person," Casey Nocket once acknowledged while shamelessly showcasing her handiwork across seven parks.
"Art is how we can be influenced and be an influence."
And though Scanlon's own work is now attracting attention, landing him work with the automotive manufacturer, Hyundai, he
A Queens graffiti artist was electrocuted by the third rail in a subway station in Brooklyn this week. Jason Wulf, 42, who
Photo via David Choe Faebook. "There was $$$ in that hole in that couch in Detroit earlier today, but who knows now," Choe
It's an ordinary white garage door, but when Lady Pink rolls it up, the eyes, surprisingly, are assaulted by a kaleidoscope of color. In this space, which was built to house two cars, Lady Pink, The Grandmother of Graffiti, makes her studio.