Graham Chapman

EI: "It started out just being a BBC record of the highlights of the first series or maybe the first two series. We did it in front of a live audience and it was material that was pretty much familiar to us anyway."
Just as the Beatles (especially John) found a kindred spirit in singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson -- so did the Python members find a joyous soulmate in Robin Williams. It was love at first laugh. And it was a fully-consummated mutual admiration.
There's nothing inherently bad about thinking positive, yet to do so at the expense of denying reality is potentially damaging.
In the face of heavy opposition from the moneyed classes on either shore, both the United States and the United Kingdom are desperately in need of campaign finance reform. No joke.
Exclusive clip from the upcoming animated movie, which premieres on EPIX ( and in select U.S. theaters Nov. 2, 2012, theatrically in the U.K. Jan. 25, 2013.
Whether taking on Chaucer, challenging Ireland's most doggedly held beliefs of the Middle Ages, or having a child out of wedlock with a woman more than half his age, Terry Jones is not afraid to take on the establishment.