grammar errors

It's not age or education level that makes grammar police so picky; it's just their personalities.
It's/Its reversals: "The dog stood on it's head" means "The dog stood on it is head." It's means "it is"; it is a contraction
If your grammar usage isn't the best, you're going to love this video by Glove and Boots. There are lots of things you can
There are as many rules of grammar as there are types of pizza (possibly more!)—this is just a taste. But with a little common
When it comes to words, people have all sorts of pet peeves. Here are 11 made-up or misused words that drive us insane.
Today is National Grammar Day, and in order to celebrate, the software suite Grammarly solicited funny grammar gaffes from
My biggest reason for not being a grammar freak is that a grammar error has never really stopped me from understanding what's being said.
The Bugaboo Review is a lighthearted examination of usage, grammar, and spelling mistakes, the bugaboos of the English language.
It's called "lexical ambiguity" and you've seen -- or even used! -- cases before. When to use "had had" vs. "had" or "that
As writers, readers and all around bibliophiles, the HuffPost Books community, including us, can't get enough of the schadenfreude