Grand Junction, Colorado

An iPad Pro and Apple Pencil have “changed my reality as an artist. Tenfold.”
If you've ever eaten a salad with in the winter, there's a good chance it was grown thanks to the Colorado's water. 2013-03-04-cameodam.jpg
William was dead on the scene. His brother was airlifted to a children's hospital, succumbing a week later, CBS Denver reported
From the Daily Sentinel: In the United States there are now five of these "Body Farms" that have been able to study how bodies
The Associated Press reports that a coalition of businesses called Protect the Flows pushing for conservation of the Colorado
On April 10, friends of Daniel J. Richards, 19, reportedly rushed him to the hospital 15 minutes after he became non-responsive
Then-Mesa County District Judge Charles Buss, who handed down Dewey's life sentence in 1995, reportedly said, "I am happy
When a Grand Junction High School men's choir made plans to sing an Islamic song called "Zikr," an upbeat rhythmic song that
Joseph Nelson, Grand Junction teen that is accused of brutally mutilating his mother's dog and hanging the body from a bridge
According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office arrest warrant, Ross met the teen girl on MySpace and discovered she attended