Grand Palais

Eiffel Tower Location: Paris Year: 1889 Architect: Stephen Sauvestre Palau Nacional Location: Barcelona Year: 1929 Architects
Now, a new exhibit at the Grand Palais in Paris is about to open and promises you will have fun with the show. Reviewing
Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun, Madame Grand, 1783, oil on canvas, oval, 92.1 x 72.4 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New
Known affectionately as "the Rembrandt of the video age", artist Bill Viola has more than made his name over the course of his vibrant career. Beginning in the 1970s, Viola attached himself to the video camera whilst it was still in its clunky, analogue phases.
Every time I visit Paris, I think about the way Hemingway referred to the City of Light as a "Moveable Feast." But I have to admit that I like the Russian translation of the title even more, "A Holiday That is Always with You."
Diego de Velazquez, the greatest of court painters, ironically was an unlikely candidate for that job.
American artists go to Paris, while Tokyo celebrates one of its own. Here's our list of the five most exciting contemporary art exhibitions opening at museums around the world during the first half of this year.
Having propagated almost biblically, the descendants of the Lost Generation have become like a plague of locusts. You can't go anywhere in Paris without seeing Americans and just when you think you've located a bona fide Frenchman.
Tableau des moeurs féminines du temps 7. Mount Fuji is a strangely symmetrical mountain, which happens to be the highest
The opening night of Paris Photo was in part about apologizing to children for what we adults have done and are doing to them. Yet the very fact that these stories are being told at a distance, the distance created by the camera itself, both heightened the lack of emotional resonance and intensified emotions and regrets.