grand rapids

Jerry Hal Saliterman, 76, was charged with theft of a major artwork and witness tampering in connection with the 2005 theft.
The Michigan man played an important role in the development of the popular toaster pastry.
Christopher Schurr, a seven-year veteran of the Grand Rapids Police Department, was dismissed one day after being charged with second-degree murder.
Police in Grand Rapids, Michigan, released video of an officer fatally shooting Patrick Lyoya, an unarmed Black man.
Adam Dean Scott told an undercover FBI agent he wanted to restrain Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on a table for a photo made to look “like we just made the biggest drug bust.”
Elise Hilton says a former Grand Rapids city attorney wrote an email making vile comments about Hilton's disabled daughter.
The robber reportedly said something along the lines of "I shot people like you overseas."
"He wanted to die, he wanted to end it all."